Top Selling Brands of Royal Apothecary

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Top Selling Brands of Royal Apothecary

Top Selling Brands of Royal Apothecary

You know that feeling when you’re trying to pick a movie on a Saturday night? Almost an hour in and you’re still scrolling, indecisive. Choosing the right cannabis product can feel pretty similar. The shelves at Royal Apothecary are packed with choices, products, and brands—and each one has a unique story, vibe, and promise.

But what if you had a little insider info?

We’ll pull back the curtain and introduce you to the top brands our loyal customers just can’t get enough of. From their unique twists and unmatched quality, there’s a reason these brands stand out. Here, we’ll unpack why these brands are the talk of the town!

528 Hz

Meet 528 Hz, one of Royal Apothecary’s superstar brands. Named after the “frequency of love,” the 528 Hz is not your typical cannabis brand. Their products, such as the “Moon Rocket – Lemon Cherry Gelato w/ Kief” and “Moon Rocket – OG Kush w/ Kief,” are a testament to the brand’s relentless commitment to quality.

Aside from their premium cannabis, their innovative marriage of Art, Science, and Beauty is what sets them apart. 528 Hz goes the extra mile. They mix in some Sound and light Therapy magic at the 528 Hz frequency into their products during production. This introduces a new layer of holistic healing that resonates with many. It’s like getting an extra sprinkle of good vibes with every puff.

Finally, the love and passion they pour into every production stage are evident. Beautiful packaging, tasty flavors, and that special touch of love—it’s no wonder our customers just can’t get enough.

Lift Tickets

Another reason many of our customers keep shopping for more is the brand Lift Tickets. To understand why, let me tell you about three of their many products that quickly sell off our shelves.

Imagine this: a sweet vanilla treat with a sprinkle of sugary goodness, followed by a mysterious whiff of floral hints. This is Lift Ticket’s White Gelato x Black Orchid infused flower. With a robust 46.4%THC, this beauty ensures you don’t only savor the flavor but also achieve a balanced high. Importantly, the magic of combining Gelatti’s sweet touch with Black Orchid’s earthy notes is more than enough to make their first-time buyers become repeaters.

For those who crave authenticity, the brand offers their Pure Z infused flower that delivers a straightforward, nonsense buzz. And for those who are always on the move, their SFV OG – (5pk) – 2.5g pre-roll is a favorite.

Simply put, these products perfectly represent how the Lift Tickets brand isn’t just about the taste but also the vibes it delivers. So if you’re chasing a flavor coupled with just the right mood lift, this brand is your golden ticket.

Cruisers Flower

Third on our chart-topping list is the brand Cruisers Flower. Ever tried their flowers? Many can attest that the variety of flavors they offer is something else! They swear it’s calming and lifts your mood.

But what makes Cruisers Flower a reputable and favorite brand is not just because of their products. Their commitment to play fair is why we love working with them. They see fellow brands as colleagues, not competitors. And you, our dear customers, Cruisers Flower treats you as friends. They hustle and make big moves, but also keep things chill and fun. And amidst the complex and demanding nature of the cannabis industry, Cruisers Flower knows how to keep things light and enjoy the ride.

The brand also uplifts communities by supporting causes close to home. It’s this combination of great products and genuine values that makes Cruisers Flower more than just another brand. And that is a winning streak our customers see that is worth betting on.

Mary’s Medicinals

Sliding into our fourth spotlight is none other than Mary’s Medicinals. Now, why does this brand do so well with our Royal Apothecary family? Let’s talk about benefits first.

We all crave something natural, something that vibes with our body without the smoke and fuss. With Mary’s Medicinal, not only can you control your dose and experience, but you also enjoy sheer convenience. They don’t just offer momentary relief but lasting wellness.

The brand is particular about the science and passion that goes into every drop of its tincture, every smear of its tropicals, and every capsule it makes. Their genius brains collaborate with top-tier physicians to devise innovative cannabis therapies.

Simply, Mary’s Medicinals isn’t simply following trends; they’re setting them. And they’re not about treating cannabis as a substitute, but rather enhancing the quality of life through the wonders of plant-based goodness.

And that, my dear readers, is why Mary’s Medicinals’ products landed in many of our customers’ carts.

Raw Garden

And the last brand on our list that’s turning heads and making waves right now in our shop is the Raw Garden. Here’s the reason our customers are vibing with this one.

When it comes to keeping it authentic, this brand is in a league of its own. Their unique freezing technique captures the plant’s spirit right when it’s bursting with life. That means the essence, flavor, and aroma remain untouched. Our customers love them because their products are simply genuine and clean.

Some products of Raw Garden that we have are the Space Fox, Sweeties, Crimson Sky, and Magic Sourberry vape pens; and the Paradise OG, Cheer Tart, and Sweeties Hash Infused Joints. The former is available in 0.3 g to 1g, while the latter is available in 3 packs.

Their products are packed with 100% pure cannabis oil. No additives, no distractions—just pure, unadulterated cannabis! Plus, with a Clean Green certification, Raw Garden is a nod to Mother Earth.

Raw Garden is simply the go-to brand of Royal Apothecary customers who are hunting for products that scream authenticity.

In Conclusion…

Just think of this guide as that friend who gives you stellar movie recommendations (minus the scrolling and indecision.) So, the next time you’re at Royal Apothecary, scratching your head, trying to pick between a myriad of choices—remember this little rundown.

These brands aren’t just flying off our shelves for no reason. They’re backed by stories, commitment, and a bunch of satisfied customers who’ve been down the same road of indecision. And while each brand has its own unique stories, they all share one common factor—making a mark in the hearts and carts of our customers.

So let this list be your guiding star. Swing by Royal Apothecary’s product lists soon, and may your choices be ever so delightful.

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