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A Complete Guide to the Best Edible for Sleep in 2024

If you’re having a hard time falling asleep even after a long day of work, it is natural to look for ways that can help you do it. The most popular and common among them are sleep aids like sleeping pills and over-the-counter medications. But if you’re looking for something edible and palate-friendly, then dietary… Read more

Does Weed Help with Headaches?

Introduction This article provides an overview of using cannabis, commonly known as weed or marijuana, for headache and migraine relief. The purpose is to explore the potential benefits, risks, proper usage, and legal considerations around cannabis as a headache treatment option.  Headaches and migraines can be extremely debilitating and negatively impact quality of life for… Read more

How to Choose The Perfect Strain and Effective Method for Smoking Weed?

Cannabis consumption is on the rise in many parts of the world, with both recreational and medical use becoming increasingly commonplace. However, for those new to cannabis, knowing how to consume safely and responsibly can be challenging. This comprehensive guide aims to empower readers with the knowledge needed to enjoy cannabis in a thoughtful, moderate,… Read more

Unlocking 420: Exploring the Celebration of Weed Day and Its Origins

The term “420” originated in 1971 among a group of five high school students in San Rafael, California who called themselves “The Waldos.” The Waldos would often meet at 4:20 pm near a statue of Louis Pasteur on the grounds of San Rafael High School to smoke marijuana.  The number 420 itself was chosen because… Read more

How to Get Rid of a Weed Hangover?

Waking up day after day with a strong sense of high in your system could be a bit frustrating. Call it a morning high, or a weed hangover, it is the long-lasting effects of marijuana talking that would not go away overnight.  Some of them include laziness, fatigue, headache, brain fog, nausea, cottonmouth, and dry… Read more

How Long Does Weed Stay Good?

As expensive as it is, weed does have a fairly good shelf life. When kept under the right conditions, it can last for months and even years depending on its original state and strain. No wonder it’s worth its weight in gold! However, just like any other organic substance, several factors can interfere with the… Read more

Different Ways to Hide the Smell of Weed

While there are several ways to take cannabis, smoking is one of the most popular and convenient. All you need is some weed and a rolling paper to be able to roll up a joint. Except, like everything else, smoking a joint comes at a price. Apart from harming your lungs, the smell of nicotine… Read more

How to store weed to keep it fresh?

Storing weed the right way is pretty important should you want to maintain its richness and potency. Sadly, many people, especially newcomers and casual users, don’t know the intricacies involved in preserving the flavor, aroma, and potency of their favorite flower. To help you understand that, here’s a quick guide. How to store weed? When… Read more

What is a Blunt and How to Roll It?

Rolling a blunt is a common practice among cannabis users. As a cigar-based joint, it is highly aromatic and flavorsome yet equally potent; Something that is hardly found in the cannabis market. A blunt is not to be confused with a joint or spliff though. As the most common method of administering cannabis, a joint… Read more