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New to Cannabis and want to know what shatter is? This blog will guide you to its details.

What Is Shatter? How to Use Shatter?

If you’re looking for something stronger than your regular cannabis—something that gives you a more potent high, the cannabis concentrate, shatter, comes into play.

Shatter has a reputation for delivering an intense, lighting-fast high that’s sure to pique anyone’s curiosity. But what really is a shatter? What makes it different from other cannabis concentrates or products? How is it made, and how do you use it?

You’ve questions, and—lucky for you, we’ve got answers. We’re going to dig deep into the world of shatter. We’ll look at its origins, how it’s crafted, and how to safely enjoy its potent effects. We’ll even compare it to wax, another popular cannabis concentrate, to help you understand their differences.

And if you’re in California, we’ve got a spot-on suggestion for where to buy it. Let’s get started!

What is Shatter ?

Shatter is a potent, glass-like cannabis concentrate that’s been popular for about a decade. It’s named after its breakable quality. This cannabis concentrate is made as a butane hash oil (BHO), much like other cannabis concentrates such as wax or sap. What sets shatter apart is its rugged, thin sheets—a result of its unique production method.

This concentrate traces its roots back to the 1990s, credited to BudderKing, one of the innovators in modern cannabis extracts. Since the 2000s, its popularity has surged, marking its place in the extensive history of cannabis extract. It’s a fresh take on centuries-old traditions.

How is Shatter Made?

Shatter is crafted using a meticulous process of heat, compression, and extraction. Just like you’d extract flavors when making a cup of tea, cannabinoids are drawn out from raw cannabis. Butane Hash Oil, or BHO, acts as a solvent. During a slow, cool purge that can take up to 24 hours, unwanted residues are cleared away. It’s like giving the mixture a deep clean. 

Now, you’re left with a THC-rich solution combined with butane. Here’s the catch: butane isn’t suitable for consumption. You have to carefully heat this mixture, hot enough to evaporate the butane but not so much as to burn off the THC and terpenes. This delicate balancing act is crucial.

Once done, spread the substance thinly on a tray under a vacuum. As the remaining butane is sucked away, the cannabinoids harden, forming a glossy sheet that can boast a THC potency of up to 80%.

However, remember that this process isn’t a DIY task—it’s best left to the professionals. It’s a complex process that requires precision and can be potentially dangerous if not handled properly.

How to Smoke Shatter?

Smoking shatter can be simple once you get the hang of it—even if you’re a first-timer. A dab rig is commonly utilized as it is specifically utilized to accommodate cannabis concentrates.

For beginners, place a diminutive fragment of shatter at the end of the dabber, then hit the nail component of the dab rig with a butane torch until it reaches a high temperature. Subsequently, the shatter is applied to the nail. The vapor produced is then inhaled.

Alternatively, if the dab rig sounds a bit too intense, using a joint is a more straightforward method. This involves distributing small shards of the shatter onto ground-up cannabis before rolling it up. It’s a bit like adding toppings to a pizza before baking it. The heat from the burning cannabis will vaporize the shatter, letting you enjoy a THC-boosted smoke.

Remember—especially for first-time users, always start with a small amount and increase gradually as you get comfortable with the experience.

Benefits of Using Shatter

Many claims that the benefits of shatter are as impressive as the product itself. This concentrate delivers potent and nearly instantaneous effects, providing a lightning-fast entrance of cannabinoids into your bloodstream. In turn, this produces immediate therapeutic and psychoactive outcomes. With its efficiency and potent nature, shatter is the epitome of “less is more.”

Here are some more of its benefits:

1. Potency and efficiency

Shatter offers a powerful experience, typically boasting 50-80% potency compared to the 10-25% of typical cannabis flowers. This potency offers fast relief, making it a popular choice for medicinal users, particularly those battling chronic conditions like pain, stress, and depression.

2. Fast Onset

Like a sprinter off the starting blocks, the effects of shatter come on quick. This is especially useful for those needing immediate relief.

3. Affordability

Despite its potency, shatter won’t shatter your budget. Its concentrated nature means a little goes a long way, which is also kinder on the wallet over time.

4. Shelf-stable

Shatter is like the canned goods of the cannabis world. It lasts longer without degrading or growing mold compared to other cannabis products.

Shatter is ideal for those needing quick relief from symptoms, experienced cannabis consumers seeking a stronger high, or anyone looking for a new cannabis experience. It offers a variety of effects, including euphoria, relaxation, and increased appetite; some even claim it helps decrease anxiety, depression, and PTSD symptoms.

While shatter may not be for everyone due to its high potency, for those who can handle it, the benefits are clear and fast-acting.

Difference between Wax and Shatter

Wax and shatter are both cannabis concentrates and are similar in structure. Their differences lie in their physical forms and handling.

Shatter is like the brittle, transparent candy in the world of concentrates. It’s hard, clear, and breaks easily—hence the name “shatter.” 

On the other hand, wax has a softer, opaque, and crumbly texture—kind of like a candle’s wax.

When it comes to potency, both pack a punch, but shatter can be a touch more potent due to its refined production process. The choice between the two often boils down to personal preference and handling ease. 

Where to Buy Shatter in California?

So you’re in sunny California and want to know where to buy shatter. There are a few things you should keep in mind before picking a store. Consider the quality of their products, the store’s reputation, variety, and the knowledgeability of their staff. A high-quality store will offer lab-tested products, ensuring you’re getting safe and potent shatter. 

California has a rich cannabis culture making it a home to some of the best cannabis concentrates. There are many stores to choose from, but Royal Apothecary stands tall. Royal Apothecary offers top-quality, lab-tested shatter. Quality is key when buying shatter and Royal Apothecary delivers just that. Plus, the store’s staffs are ready to answer all your questions and ensure you’re comfortable with your purchase. 


Yes. Shatter is typically stronger than edibles due to its high THC concentration. However, the effects may vary based on individual tolerance and consumption method.
The longevity of shatter depends on frequency and quantity of use. On average, or for a moderate user, it could last anywhere from a week to several weeks. A heavy user might go through it more quickly, while an occasional user might it last even longer.
Yes. Shatter, being a highly concentrated form of cannabis, can induce a more intense high compared to traditional cannabis flowers.
Shatter is generally hard and brittle, resembling glass. It’s this characteristic that gives shatter its name. However, depending on the specifics of the extraction and processing methods used, shatter might sometimes take on a slightly softer, more pliable texture.
If your shatter looks like sugar, it’s likely due to a process called “nucleation,” where the cannabinoids and terpenes separate over time. It’s a natural occurrence and doesn’t affect the potency.

In Conclusion…

Shatter is an interesting little product—a glass-like, potent concentrate that delivers a quick, powerful high. The name “shatter” is a nod to its brittle, reminiscent glass feature. Starting from its meticulous crafting process that requires precision and careful handling, you learned how it delivers a high that’s unmatched in the cannabis landscape.

You also have a better understanding of the detailed process involved in crafting shatter—an intricate dance of heat, compression, and extraction. The resultant concentrate is a glossy sheet that can boast a THC content of up to 80%!

Comparing it to wax, you now understand the nuanced differences in their physical form, handling, and potency, despite appearing almost similar. This gives you insights to better inform your choices. And with smoking shatter using dab rigs or joints, always remember that less is more, especially if you’re new to the game.

When looking for a perfect place to purchase shatter, always emphasize the importance of quality, reputation, and knowledgeable staff. Everyone’s cannabis journey is unique, so never shy away from asking questions.

With this knowledge, you’re ready to navigate shatter confidently and safely. Embark on this adventure responsibly!

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