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What is a Blunt and How to Roll It?

Rolling a blunt is a common practice among cannabis users. As a cigar-based joint, it is highly aromatic and flavorsome yet equally potent; Something that is hardly found in the cannabis market.

A blunt is not to be confused with a joint or spliff though.

As the most common method of administering cannabis, a joint is nothing but fresh/pure cannabis wrapped into a rolling paper. Whereas, a spliff has a bit of tobacco in it.

A blunt, on the other hand, is just blunt!

What is a Blunt?

A blunt is a bit more classy and mouth-watering approach to smoking cannabis through some good old-fashioned cigar.

In short, it is a cigar or cigarillo that has been emptied and filled with weed. As such it could be extremely potent and hard-hitting.

But a blunt could also be made out of a tobacco-leaf that is used in cigar wrapping or readymade wraps which could be tobacco-based or tobacco-free.

What are Blunt Wraps?

Blunt wraps are commonly referred to as cigar wraps that are used for smoking marijuana or cannabis.

Made out of the same tobacco leaves that are used for cigar wrapping, these tobacco wraps come in various edible flavors, colors, and sizes.

There are also non-tobacco or tobacco-free blunt wraps available in the market that are usually made of hemp, banana/ palm leaf, or other fibers.

Regardless of the type of wrap, smoking weed regularly or smoking, in general, is bad for your lungs, period.

As infamous as it is, certain chemicals present in cannabis are known to have several health benefits nonetheless.

Contrary to THC, which is mainly responsible for giving you the high, there are medical grade components called CBD or Cannabinoids present in most cannabis strains that are non-intoxicating and non-euphoric.

Recent studies show many potential health benefits of THC as well. Let’s take a look.

Benefits of Smoking Blunts

Blunts are usually larger than joints and contain as much as five times the cannabis of a single joint. Hence, you can absorb a large number of health-oriented cannabinoids in every puff. 

They burn slower than both spliffs and joints to give you a smoother experience every time. All the while keeping your THC levels lower than joints.

Albeit popular for recreational purposes, smoking blunts or cannabis, in general, has numerous health benefits despite it being a controversial plant.

For starters, it is portable and safer than most other drugs.

Secondly, it is antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory.

Other than that, cannabis can help:

Last but not least, cannabis can improve your natural immunity and is a natural immune-regulator that helps your immunity achieve a better balance.

As far as the spiritual implications are concerned, as a mind-altering substance, smoking marijuana can positively heighten your sense of awareness of your mind, body, and surroundings.

Rooted deep across several religious and spiritual practices for ritualistic and healing purposes, regular use of cannabis in a safe setting is believed to expand consciousness, elevate illusions, and give you a higher perspective in life. Hence, the term “high”!

Moving on, now that you are aware of the positive aspects of smoking cannabis, let us see how you can enjoy it in a blunt.

How to roll a blunt?

Rolling a blunt is quite easy, given you have a cigar or blunt wrap.

If not, make sure to get it, along with your fill of marijuana or cannabis (without getting caught!).

Once you have the stuff and an empty blunt ready, follow these steps to roll it up:

Step 1: Grind or crush your weed properly

Being a dry herb, cannabis is naturally coarse and uneven which could be problematic to burn.

To avoid uneven and improper burning, crush your weed into tiny and fine particles using your hands or a readymade weed crusher.

Make sure it is not too powdery either as that will give you a hard time inhaling the puffs.

Step 2: Empty or split a cigar, cigarillo, or tobacco wrap

Once you have grounded your weed well enough, put it aside and empty a cigar or pull out a readymade tobacco leaf or wrap.

If it’s a cigar, then be extra careful when splitting it open. Remember to cut it open length-wise so it can be resealed after filling it with freshly crushed marijuana.

Once safely opened, dump its tobacco out.

Step 3: Wet your wrap with water or spit

Since most blunt wraps including the cigar leaf are typically dry and crisp, it is recommended to soften them up by using water or spit.

Just wet your fingers and run it over the leaf or wrap as smoothly as you can without damaging or tearing it apart.

Step 4: Fill it up with freshly ground cannabis

Now roll it up to a half-cylindrical U or V shape, and start loading up the cannabis content. Make sure to sprinkle it evenly across the length of the wrap for a smooth and consistent form.

Step 5: Bake or seal it up

Once the wrap is filled, start folding it to its original shape by rolling it up nicely and slowly.

You may have to re-moisten its top edge to seal it up.

You might also want to bake or dry your blunt by hovering it over a lighter or flame lengthwise to ensure proper sealing.

Step 6: Take lighter puffs and enjoy!

Okay, so now your blunt is ready to be smoked.

But don’t hurry! Take your time in burning it up and make sure it burns evenly from all sides for a seamless smoking experience.

To make the whole journey even more astounding, here are certain tips you might want to use:

Tips for Rolling and Smoking Blunts

  • Use a grinder or crusher instead of your hands.
  • Switch between different types of blunt wraps to get your choice of poison.
  • Don’t over- moisten or lick up the wrap too much.
  • Rotate the blunt while igniting.
  • Inhale gently and avoid longer and deeper puffs.

On that note, have a happy and safe pot smoking!

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