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what are cannabis topicals and how do topicals work

What are Cannabis Topicals and How Do Cannabis Topicals Work?

You’ve probably heard about cannabis topicals but are unsure what exactly they are. They are applied to the skin, but do they get you high like other cannabis products? And what are their benefits? How do they work? Where can you get them?

We’ve received these questions plenty of times so we’ve also repeatedly answered them. To save you time trying to find the right answers, we decided to write this blog—to share with you what we know about these amazing products.

Now, read on and learn more about cannabis topicals, their forms, and their benefits.

What are Cannabis Topicals?

Cannabis topicals are products like lotions, oils, and balms infused with cannabinoids—primarily CBD and THC. They’re made for direct skin application, offering you localized skin relief without the high associated with other cannabis forms. And unlike smoking or ingesting cannabis, they won’t get you high. Topicals target the affected areas, making them effective for pain, inflammation, and various skin issues.  

You might be surprised to learn that infusing cannabis in topicals has a rich history, dating back to ancient civilizations like Egypt and China, where it was used for pain relief and antibacterial agent.

Nowadays, topicals have evolved with the advancement in cannabis research and legalization. They come in various forms—-each tailored for specific needs. These make topicals a practical choice for those seeking natural, targeted relief without psychoactive effects. 

What are the Different Types of Cannabis Topicals?

Nowadays, there are different types of cannabis topicals you can find in the market. Each is designed to suit your specific needs and preferences. Whether you want relief from sore muscles, skin irritations, or just looking for other ways to care for your skin, there’s a topical for you.

1. Creams

Creams blend effortlessly, absorb into the skin, and provide relief over a larger area. They are perfect for general muscle aches or widespread skin issues. You can find a good selection of cannabis-infused creams when you check out Royal Apothecary.

2. Oils

Oils are versatile and potent. They target relief with just a few drops. They are especially beneficial for deep tissue work so they’re a favorite in a therapeutic massage or with pains like nagging neck stiffness.

3. Lotion

Creams blend effortlessly, absorb into the skin, and provide relief over a larger area. They are perfect for general muscle aches or widespread skin issues. You can find a good selection of cannabis-infused creams when you check out Royal Apothecary.

4. Transdermal Patch

For continuous, long-lasting relief, transdermal patches are unmatched. They release cannabinoids into yoru system over an extended period, making them ideal for chronic issues or ongoing pain management.

If you’re interested in a patch for consistent relief, explore Royal Apothecary’s range of transdermal patches. We have the best products and deals for you.

5. Sprays

If you need a hassle-free application, a spray might be your best bet as they’re the ultimate in cleanliness and convenience. They’re useful in areas that are difficult to reach or for applying a quick, even layer of topical without any mess.

Royal Apothecary offers the best quality cannabis topicals. Visit our products section and check out our collection to find the topical that suits your needs.

How do Cannabis Topicals Work?

Cannabis topicals provide relief through your skin, targeting areas of discomfort without entering your bloodstream. This means you get the benefits without the high. Your skin pores absorb these topicals which target cannabinoid receptors. These receptors are part of your endocannabinoid system—a system that plays a crucial role in regulating pain, inflammation, and skin health.

Topicals typically contain cannabinoids like CBD and THC, along with terpenes enhancing their effectiveness through the entourage effect. When applied, they offer site-specific relief from issues like arthritis, nerve pain, and muscle cramps.

Uses of Cannabis Topicals

Cannabis topicals can be a game-changer in your daily health regimen, offering distinct benefits:

1. Pain Relief

Many use cannabis topicals as a natural alternative to pain medication. They offer a safer choice for those seeking an alternative to traditional painkillers. Direct application to painful areas delivers focused relief, hence making them ideal for chronic pain or recovery.

2. Anti-Inflammation

If you suffer from skin inflammation, joint discomfort, or muscle soreness, applying cannabis topicals can bring immediate comfort. They reduce inflammation and help control the body’s immune response. This means less pain and discomfort from sprains, insect bites, bruises, and the like.

3. Fighting Infections

Beyond pain relief, cannabis topicals act as natural antiseptics. They’re effective against bacteria, even those resistant to standard treatments. They can effectively safeguard you against infections.

Furthermore, some studies suggest that topicals may also have anti-cancer properties which can help alleviate pain and manage symptoms of certain skin wounds, including cancerous ones.

4. Protection from Skin Aging

Loaded with antioxidants, regular use of cannabis-infused topicals can aid in protecting your skin from aging, prompting a healthier, more youthful appearance. 

Cannabis Topicals for Pain

The beauty of cannabis topicals is that they provide relief without the high. It is a discreet and practical choice for pain management. Think of joint pain, muscle soreness, or even nerve pain. Say you just finished a long day, your shoulders are tensed, and your knees ache. By applying a cannabis-infused lotion or balm to these areas, you directly address the pain without systemic side effects.

The cannabinoids in these products interact with the skin’s receptors, helping to soothe and alleviate discomfort without any psychoactive effects. This means you can enjoy a day or get a good night’s sleep without the high associated with other cannabis products. Simply, it’s a straightforward, effective, and non-intrusive way to manage pain.

What are the Benefits of Cannabis Topicals?

Cannabis topicals offer benefits that go beyond conventional treatments. Instead of reaching for oral painkillers when you experience a nagging knee ache after a long day, you apply a cannabis-infused cream directly to the area. Almost like magic, the discomfort starts to ease as topical targets pain at its source. 

These topicals are a boon for active individuals or anyone prone to muscle and joint pain. They provide a way to address these issues without systemic side effects or the risks associated with habitual pain medication use. And for those conscious about skin aging, its antioxidants give your skin a more youthful appearance. Lastly, for prefer who prefer not to ingest or inhale cannabis, this is a non-intoxicating option to experience cannabis; therapeutic potential.


Cannabis topicals offer a versatile and effective way to address various wellness concerns—-from pain relief to skin care. They could be a transdermal patch for your ongoing relief, a soothing cream for your post-workout muscles, or a nourishing oil for your skin. Simply, a game-changer for your daily comfort. They cater to different needs such as a runner’s sore knee or chronic back pain. 

Cannabis-infused topicals offer discreet and non-intrusive ways to manage pain and improve skin health. Be one of the growing number of people who have experienced the benefits of cannabis topicals. Visit Royal Apothecary to shop for different types of topicals. You will have endless quality options at an affordable price.


No. Cannabis topicals do not produce a high as they do not enter the bloodstream. You’ll feel relief in an area where you apply the topicals, but it won’t affect your mind or mood.

The effects of cannabis topicals can vary. Most people start feeling relief within a few minutes of applying. However, generally, they begin to work depending on the specific product and your body’s response.

Most, if not all, cannabis topicals do not enter the bloodstream. As such, they are therefore unlikely to show up on a standard drug test.

If you’re looking for affordable but top-notch cannabis topicals, head over to Royal Apothecary. We have a variety of options for you. It may be for pain relief, skincare, or just some extra relaxation, you’ll find what you need in our store.  Check it out now here.

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