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how long does an edible stay in your system

How Long Does an Edible Stay In Your System

If you’re a fan of edibles, you’re probably curious about their ins and outs. Well, you’re not alone. Many, in fact, are curious about the big question, “how long do edibles last in your system?” There is a more complicated answer to this question than you might expect. Unlike smoking and vaping, your liver processes… Read more

Guide to Cannabis Edibles

Royal Apothecary’s Guide to Cannabis Edibles

Edibles have come a long way since the days of homemade pot brownies that tasted more like a weed than chocolate. Today, you can find a variety of edibles—from chocolates and gummies to baked goods and drinks, with different strengths, flavors, and even cannabinoid profiles. But figuring out where to start can be overwhelming with… Read more