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Explore Various Methods of Consuming Cannabis Concentrates

One of the best things about marijuana is the number of ways in which you can take it.

Available in every form and state (from solid to liquid to air), there are tons of cannabis products lying here and there, be it a local dispensary or an online store.

Among all kinds of mouth-watering flowers, edibles, and oils are popular cannabis concentrates that are known for their ‘high’!

With up to 90% of THC, cannabis concentrates or extracts boast a higher amount of THC thus potency than even the highest-grade raw marijuana which contains only about 20% of its main psychoactive compound.

But that’s not all! Cannabis or marijuana extracts can also come with CBD or medical marijuana in high proportions with other minor cannabinoids. 

This makes concentrates a rather win-win for artists and patients alike!

The icing on the cake though- is the fact that cannabis concentrates are further available in every form and way of consumption.

Let’s take a closer look:

1. Dabbing

Dabbing is the process of inhaling highly rich THC or CBD concentrates typically in the form of oil or resin.

Similar to a bong, it is done by a device called dab rig or dab straw/ pen which allows the vaporization of the highly viscous and resinous cannabis concentrates. And hence, the name concentrate rig as well.

In general, there are several parts that make up a dab rig as a whole. These are:

  • A dab rig or glass pipe for water-based smoke filtration.
  • A heating element called dab nail or banger for heating and vaporizing the concentrate.
  • A dabber or dab pick to scoop out your precious weed extract and apply it over the heating element.
  • A torch or electronic-nail for precise temperature control when heating the concentrate.
  • A carb cap or dome to keep the moisture from getting out of the rig.

Meant for high-quality weed distillates, dabbing is a hot topic among end users for its high potential benefits including instant effects and lack of risks to throat and lungs.

As smooth as it can get, the vaporization process involved in the dabbing is also quite peculiar as it only heats the content to a level and at a relatively lower temperature than smoking or vaping.

Thus, dabbing is considered safer than both methods.

There are many types of dabbing concentrates or dabs that you can get in a variety of strengths and flavors. From wax to oil to kief to shatter, cannabis concentrates offer a plethora of choices.

And the best part- it does not involve any product wastage either since dab rigs are intentionally designed to use every bit of the content. 

2. Vaping

As a common practice among cannabis users, vaping goes hand in hand with smoking being the most popular way of getting stoned.

That said, there are dozens of vaping devices and portable vaporizers that you can find within your budget.

Some of the most popular include vape pens, vape pods, and disposable vapes.

Regardless, either of them can be used to inhale high-quality cannabis concentrates on the go be it for recreational use or medicinal purposes.

As the name suggests, vaping is the process of vaporizing and inhaling cannabis using a vaping device. Attached with an oil cartridge that could be refilled or replaced once over, vaping devices come in all shapes and sizes to meet your end use.

Meant for hash oils specifically, certain vaporizers can also be used to inhale other kinds of cannabis products including flowers and concentrates.

The only catch is, the cleanliness of your vaping device from time to time lest you want to use a reusable one. Or you can simply buy a disposable vape pen every time should you be able to afford it.

3. Edibles

For those who don’t fancy smoking, vaping, or dabbing, there is always the all-so-convenient method of eating.

That’s right! Ever since the health benefits of marijuana went viral, there has been a boom in the production of cannabis-infused edibles.

People of all age groups and conditions are using edibles for various reasons. For starters, due to its long-lasting effects and as the safest method of consumption.

Apart from that, edibles are way too easy to blend with cannabis concentrates and even the purest form of it called ‘distillates’ unlike other methods and products.

Found in various strengths and flavors such as apple, strawberry, mint, and lemon, cannabis concentrates can be incorporated into any kind of food item including snacks, gummies, candies, and baked goods such as brownies, cakes, or chocolate.

Sounds yummy?

Moreover, despite the intactness of the taste, cannabis-concentrated edibles can maintain the highest quality of cannabinoids to give you its potential therapeutic and euphoric effects.

The only drawback of cannabis edibles is the latency of its effects as anything eaten usually takes about an hour or two to digest and then reach the bloodstream and the brain.

This makes them rather futile for patients and people who need cannabis solely for its medicinal effects.

For old and under-age people though, cannabis edibles may very well be the most suitable method of obtaining its effects without having to smoke or vape. 

4. Topicals

And even if edibles are too much for you, there is always the option of ointments and topicals that are made using the highest form of cannabis concentrates.

Made from full-spectrum cannabis oils and distillates, cannabis topicals are a great way of obtaining its therapeutic effects without having to consume it.

FYI, a full-spectrum cannabis concentrate has the maximum number of medicinal cannabinoids such as CBD, CBN, CBG, and so on for a better entourage effect.

Meant for medicinal properties only such as pain relief and riddance from inflammation, burns, bites, rashes, and infections, topicals usually do not have any THC and hence any intoxicating effects.

Since they do not come in contact with your bloodstream unless you apply it on an open wound intentionally, topicals don’t usually cause you to feel any high.

However, there are certain topicals that come in the category of transdermals, which can seep into the bloodstream and may result in some sort of high.

Nonetheless, as one of the few medical-oriented products that are entirely non-consumable, cannabis topicals can be used by anyone.

5. Smoking

Sometimes synonyms to the joint itself, smoking is perhaps the most popular way of consuming cannabis concentrates and feeling its effects while you’re at it.

Best for non-medical or recreational users, smoking weed is pretty much a pop-cultural need of every generation. 

As one of the fastest ways of taking cannabinoids into your system, adding a bit of cannabis concentrate to your smokeables can enhance the potency and flavour. 

Be it a straight-up paper roll, a blunt, a pipe, or a bong, cannabis concentrates can be mixed or added to any type of smoking apparatus.

For example, adding a bit of wax or shatter or kief to your dry cannabis flower or dipping a plain cigarette or a marijuana joint in hash oil.

The point is, that cannabis concentrates for smoking are available in several forms such as wax, resin, oil, powder, and so on to meet your preferred way of smoking.

Again, there are a plethora of flavors and strengths that you can choose from for a palate-friendly smoking experience. 

From lime to rose to strawberry to mint, there is something for everyone. 

Where to buy Cannabis Concentrates in California?

Speaking of which, there are plenty of dealers and retailers who sell high-quality cannabis concentrates in California and around.

One of the most renowned for their premium weed products is none other than Royal Apothecary Dispensary which deals in all kinds of pot-related stuff.

From edibles to vaping to smoking, they have a wide range of cannabis concentrates for every method of consumption, and that too in appealing colors and flavors.

Royal Apothecary is a one-stop-shop for all your requirements, from shatter to kief to hash, and oil to resin to wax.

The best part- you can now place an order from their diverse line of products right from your fingertips using their proprietary iPhone app


As one of the most potent forms of cannabis extracts, cannabis concentrates are used for both recreational and medicinal purposes depending on your personal needs.

Boasting some of the highest amounts of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids, cannabis concentrates come in a wide variety of flavors to suit your taste.

Plus, you can use them in many different ways and products to attain their supposed effects.

All-in-all, be it taste, potency, or type of product, cannabis concentrates sit well across all the aspects of cannabis consumption.

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