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Top Selling Products

Must-Haves of the Week: Top Selling Products You Can’t Miss

There’s always something new and exciting just around the corner when it comes to cannabis. Case in point, if you’re looking to buy weed online in CA, the endless array of options can be daunting as it is thrilling. But we’re here to simplify the process for you. On a weekly basis, we sift through… Read more

CBD Vape Pen for Anxiety

Understanding the Role of CBD Vape Pens in Managing Anxiety

Let’s talk about something we all know too well in our busy lives—anxiety. Whether it’s juggling work responsibilities, managing family life, or simply navigating the complexities of daily living, we’ve all felt the weight of stress and anxiety at some point.  We’ve sought solace in various forms—yoga, deep breathing exercises, calming teas—you name it! But… Read more

Royal Picks of the week

Royal-Picks: Weekly Showcase of Premium Cannabis Product Selections

We understand the struggle of finding the right product and being constantly on the lookout for new and popular ones when you’re looking to buy weed online in CA. That’s why we’re here! Each week, we handpick the crème de la crème of cannabis products—selections that have captured the hearts of our users far and… Read more

New to Cannabis and want to know what shatter is? This blog will guide you to its details.

What Is Shatter? How to Use Shatter?

If you’re looking for something stronger than your regular cannabis—something that gives you a more potent high, the cannabis concentrate, shatter, comes into play. Shatter has a reputation for delivering an intense, lighting-fast high that’s sure to pique anyone’s curiosity. But what really is a shatter? What makes it different from other cannabis concentrates or… Read more

Guide to CBD Flowers

Royal Apothecary’s Guide to CBD Flowers

Ever wondered what CBD flowers are and how they can be used? Are you curious about their potential benefits and different ways to consume them? You may be wondering all these if you’ve come across CBD flowers several times and wanting to try them. Well, with the increasing interest in CBD products, it’s important t… Read more

Guide to Cannabis Concentrates

Royal Apothecary’s Guide to Cannabis Concentrates

If you’re after a more intense and patent high from cannabis, then surely quite many people have recommended you cannabis concentrates. Concentrates are a form of cannabis processed to remove impurities and excess plant material, leaving behind a highly concentrated form of THC or CBD.  To help you understand cannabis concentrates more, we’ve covered every… Read more

what is a tincture and how do tincture work

What Is a Tincture? How Do Tinctures Work and Its Benefits

In the 19th century, tinctures were one of the most popular forms of medical cannabis. It has been around for centuries. And with the recent legalization of cannabis in many parts of the world, cannabis tinctures are making a comeback. Their fast onset time and discreet use make them popular for recreational and medical cannabis… Read more

how long does an edible stay in your system

How Long Does an Edible Stay In Your System

If you’re a fan of edibles, you’re probably curious about their ins and outs. Well, you’re not alone. Many, in fact, are curious about the big question, “how long do edibles last in your system?” There is a more complicated answer to this question than you might expect. Unlike smoking and vaping, your liver processes… Read more